Water Rates

The Highland County Water Company, Inc. will be implementing a rate increase plan to take affect on July 1, 2013 and on July 1st the following years, until revoked by the Board of Directors.  The yearly increase will be $0.50 (fifty cents) on the monthly minimum rates.  This will affect all customers equally and will be evaluated yearly.  We feel that this would be easier on our customers than a large increase at one time, which we anticipate would be necessary in 2016.  With the cost of materials, labor, electric, and fuel increasing we feel this to be necessary.

Presented and approved at the April 11, 2013 Annual Meeting of the Board and Members.


2016 Rates

2015 Rates

Did You Know?

How is water used in your home? On average, 17% goes towards showering, 27% is used by the toilet, your faucet drains 15%, your clothes washer anot

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