Water Service

Our source is groundwater pulled from 9 wells.  3 wells at our Bainbridge well field and 2 wells at our Falls Road well field located in Ross County Ohio we also have 4 wells at our Paint Creek well field in eastern Highland County Ohio.  Water from the wells is piped to our Water Treatment Plant near Rainsboro Ohio which is an Iron and Manganese Removal facility. ** We do not soften our water.  The plant is capable of pumping 5 million gallons per day through the distribution lines but OEPA has us classified as a 4.72 million gallon per day plant.  The chemicals that we use are chlorine, fluoride, phosphate, and potassium permanganate.  We have two aerators, two detention basins, and eight filters.  The filters consist of anthracite, filter sand, and torpedo sand.  Once the water leaves the plant it enters an in ground clear well.

Highland County Water Company maintains 1" service lines throughout the system along with approximately 1,000 miles of distribution mains.  The smallest distribution pipe in the system is a 2 inch and largest is 16 inch with normal pressure ranging from 30 to 260psi. 

We have 8 elevated storage tanks that contain 2.85 million gallons of usable water and one in-ground clear well that has usable storage of 1.3 million gallons.  We have five booster stations and ten master pressure reducing valves.  We have four interconnections with other systems in the area for emergency use only.  Our service area reaches into five counties: Highland County, Clinton County, Brown County, Adams County, and Ross County.