Landlord/Tenant Rules and Regulations

Section II. Service Application.
D. The individual in whose name the membership certificate is prepared shall be responsible for payment of all bills incurred in connection with the service rendered.

Section XI. Change of Occupancy.
D. Water meters for rental property shall be left in the owner's name. In all circumstances the owner of the property shall be primarily responsible for all water bills. This applies to all properties within the service area of the Highland County Water Company, Inc.

E. Land Contracts will be handled as a rental property as referenced in Article XI, Item D as of this date of amendment November 18, 2019

If the tenant of said property calls the company to inform the company that they have moved out on a certain date, their name will be removed from the mailing address. Please make sure that the company is given the meter reading
between tenants.

I have read and understand that I (the property owner) am primarily responsible for the water bill to the Account Number listed above, and that the bill will stay in my name.

With full knowledge of the above, I am requesting that my water bill for this property, be sent to the following address:

Tenant Information
Property Owner Information